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How to Make Glow in the dark fish bone
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How to make Glow in Dark Nail Paint

Posted by System 10/11/2014 0 Comment(s) Glow Powder,


So you are here to learn , How to make Glow in the dark Nail Polish. So lets begin.


Things you will need:
  1. Clear Nail Polish.
  2. Glow in the Dark Pigments
  3. Face Mask (for protection)
  4. Small Funnel




STEP I: Collect the Materials








STEP II: Mixing it up!


Put your mask on, & using a funnel (you can make one with a piece of paper and tape) pour in one teaspoon of the powder. Be careful as the powder is very fine and can be inhaled. Wipe up any excess powder.



​STEP III: Shake Well



STEP IV: You Made it!


Charge with light and watch it glow in the dark!


Apply white base coat for best effect and then, Apply 4-5 coats of your newly prepared Glow Nail Polish.


I Hope you enjoy making this amazing Glow in the Dark Nailp Polish :)
For questions or suggestions. Comment below.

Thanks to: Nina Le

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