Multi Antique Style Glow Pendant / Necklace

New Multi Antique Style Glow Pendant / Necklace


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What are Glow In Dark Products?


Photoluminescent materials (commonly called “glow-in-the-dark”) has the ability to absorb light sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent, etc) and then to emit light. When ambient darkness occurs, be it becomes highly visible, lasting for about 24hours.


Upon removal of the light source, the stored light is gradually released; the strongest glow is produced during the first 30 minutes of darkness, the most critical period following a power failure or other emergency. Then it fades over a period of time, when there is light again, it stores energy again. So the photoluminescence process is circulatory.

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Elegant and stylish Pendant Necklace filled with Multi colored Glow stones that glows in dark after exposure to sunlight ,uv light or any other light.
It absorbs the light and Glows in the dark.
It looks beautiful during day and more amazing in dark.
Get ready for Guaranteed WOW expression from your friends and family.
This is a unique piece of pendant as these are hand made and have a random stones placement design, so no two pendants will be identical.
The glow process is endless. Just expose to light and it will glow in dark.

Details About what you get :

  1. 1 x Glowing Pendant filled with Glow Stones
  2. Pendant Material : Glow Stones & Plastic Body
  3. Color During day: Light Green & White stones
  4. Color in dark: Glowing Green & SkyBlue.
  5. 40 inch chain
  6. 40 inch Artificial leather cord
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